Taj Vivanta Wedding Kolkata

In the heart of Kolkata’s grandeur, the sacred union of Charlotte and Pathikrit unfolded at the Taj Vivanta hotel. The ornate halls echoed with the resonance of Vedic rituals, as the couple embarked on a journey of love steeped in tradition.

As the radiant bride, Charlotte graced the occasion adorned in a resplendent red designer saree, the intricate details of which mirrored the richness of their cultural celebration. Pathikrit, the dashing groom, complemented the ceremony with his traditional off-white kurta.

Captured through the lens, the photographs tell the tale of love, tradition, and the seamless fusion of two souls. Each image encapsulates the essence of their Vedic wedding, from the tender moments of vows exchanged to the joyous rituals that marked the beginning of their marital journey.

The narrative continued at the enchanting Royal Calcutta Golf Club, where the couple hosted their wedding reception. Against the backdrop of this prestigious venue, the festivities unfolded. The photographs from this soirée reflect the jubilation and elegance that defined the reception, with Charlotte and Pathikrit at the center of the radiant celebration.