about ritabrata

Moments of candour, moments of joy; Moments of love, moments of tears… They trickle, they slide, they burst & they boom! Candid moments strewn across on the elaborate wedding canvas waiting to be picked and polished, strung and beaded into an exquisite garland of human emotions. I scoop those precious pearly expressions and grab those subtle tender thoughts; wave my fine art magic wand and gift you a treasure of a wedding album. Every candid moment captured, every misty eye caught before it dries, every silent sigh heard in the din of wedding bells; Your wedding photographer is attuned to your heartbeats for your D-day![/image]

Hi there! I am so glad that you expressed interest in my work and me.

I am a Kolkata based candid wedding photographer. My friends call me Rito. A very simple person with simple thinking. The photographs which I create are nothing but tiny little pieces of life as i see them, sometimes spiced up with pinch of my imagination.

Day in and day out; My world revolves around weddings enriched by lovely couples. I see the spark in their eyes, capture the way they glance at each other, nurture the delicate affection they possess, and wrap up the precious minutes in a flash before they flit away into oblivion.

-Ritabrata Mukherjee

A professional wedding photographer in Kolkata;
yearning to carve out a destiny to be framed in silver & gilded in gold!
Weaving wedding stories since 20-10 and the journey continues!!!