Christian Wedding Reception at The Villa Mandeville

Capturing My First Christian Wedding: The Intimate Reception of Sebastina and Arkadev at Villa Mandeville

As a photographer stepping into the world of Christian wedding photography for the first time, I was both excited and honored to capture the intimate wedding reception of Sebastina and Arkadev at the stunning Villa Mandeville in Kolkata. This experience was not only a professional milestone but also a deeply enriching journey that allowed me to witness and document a beautiful celebration of love.

The ceremonies began after dark, the atmosphere of the Villa Mandeville was filled with a sense of enchantment and intimacy, perfectly suited for the reception of Sebastina and Arkadev. The venue was beautifully lit with soft, warm lights, creating a magical setting for the night’s festivities.

Sebastina, a little shy but radiantly beautiful in her white gown, entered the venue with a bouquet of fresh flowers in hand. Her grace and modesty added a unique charm to her presence. Beside her, Arkadev walked proudly, the love and support between them palpable. As fireworks lit up the dark sky, I captured the awe and joy on the faces of their family and friends, a perfect prelude to the evening’s celebrations.

Following the ring exchange, the couple moved on to the cake cutting ceremony. The multi-tiered cake was a masterpiece in itself, and I was eager to capture this joyous tradition. Sebastina and Arkadev’s smiles and laughter as they cut the first slice together were infectious, and I took both close-up shots and wider frames to encapsulate the joy and celebration shared by all present.

As a photographer capturing my first Christian wedding, I felt honored to be part of their special day. The photographs from this evening in Kolkata will always remain very close to my heart.

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