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Indo Western Wedding – Taj Bengal

Step into a world where ancient Vedic traditions merge with the celebration of love as Kate and Kiron embarked on their extraordinary Indo Western Vedic wedding at the enchanting Taj Bengal, Kolkata. Enjoy the photographs from that wedding in this post. Immersed in the timeless rituals of a Vedic wedding, the air resonated with the …

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Reception Couple Portrait

Swabhumi Raajkutir Reception Photography

A rendezvous with history and love at Swabhumi Raajkutir, a colonial-era masterpiece nestled in the heart of Kolkata, echoing the grandeur of Bengal Renaissance. The photographs captured at the Swabhumi Raajkutir Reception Photography are nothing short of a visual symphony, each frame a testament to Oindrila and Arjun’s journey into eternity. As the golden sun …

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Rajbari Wedding

Embracing the Richness of Bengali Culture: Preetom and Paulomi’s Captivating Rajbari Wedding in Kolkata The enchanting tale of Preetom and Paulomi, immortalized through captivating photographs that traverse three defining chapters – the Pre-Wedding Shoot, Wedding, and Reception. From the captivating Bengali-themed pre-wedding shoot at Bawali Rajbari to the splendid union at Raajkutir Swabhumi, and the …

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Tips for Capturing Beautiful Wedding Pictures

This article is intended towards the future brides and grooms in the context of Indian weddings, who are looking to get Beautiful Wedding Pictures of their nuptials. While it is necessary to find the best-suited photographer for your wedding, it does not suffice to ensure stunning wedding photographs. There are a few things specific to …

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The Denmark Tavern Pre wedding Shoot

The Denmark Tavern pre wedding shoot

The Denmark Tavern is a charming and rustic pre wedding shoot venue located in the heart of Hooghly. Stepping inside, you’ll feel transported back in time with its old-world charm and historic ambiance. The walls are adorned with vintage decor, antique artifacts, and black and white photographs that add to the place’s unique character and …

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Bengali wedding photography in shimla.

Bengali Wedding Photography Shimla

The union of a Himachali groom and a Bengali bride amidst the scenic apple plantation farm house near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. A picturesque wedding that I had the privilege of capturing, blending two distinct cultures in perfect harmony. The love, emotions, and joy of the beautiful couple Anindita-Ankush radiated through every frame of the wedding …

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