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Luxury Wedding Photography

In the heart of cultural diversity and rich traditions, Kolkata stands as a city that beautifully blends the old-world charm with modernity. When it comes to celebrating love, the city hosts an array of weddings, each steeped in cultural significance. In recent times, the demand for luxury wedding photography in Kolkata has soared, with couples …

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Taj Vivanta Wedding

Taj Vivanta Wedding Kolkata

In the heart of Kolkata’s grandeur, the sacred union of Charlotte and Pathikrit unfolded at the Taj Vivanta hotel. The ornate halls echoed with the resonance of Vedic rituals, as the couple embarked on a journey of love steeped in tradition.As the radiant bride, Charlotte graced the occasion adorned in a resplendent red designer saree, …

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Pre Wedding Shoot Benaras

Pre Wedding Shoot BenarasIn the heart of the spiritual city of Benaras, amidst the timeless echo of temple bells and the gentle lapping of the Ganges, we embarked on a journey to capture the love story of Deblina and Sudipto. Adorned in resplendent traditional attire, they transformed the ghats and alleys of Varanasi into a …

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Destination Wedding Photography Jaipur

Marwari Wedding Photography

Marwari Wedding Gallery Capturing Marwari Splendor: Kolkata’s Premier Wedding Photographers In the heart of Kolkata, we have honed our craft as wedding photographers, specializing in the grandeur of Marwari weddings. Over the past decade, we’ve had the privilege of documenting numerous exquisite ceremonies, each one a tapestry of tradition, opulence, and profound love. Iconic Venues, …

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Indo Western Wedding – Taj Bengal

Step into a world where ancient Vedic traditions merge with the celebration of love as Kate and Kiron embarked on their extraordinary Indo Western Vedic wedding at the enchanting Taj Bengal, Kolkata. Enjoy the photographs from that wedding in this post. Immersed in the timeless rituals of a Vedic wedding, the air resonated with the …

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Reception Couple Portrait

Swabhumi Raajkutir Reception Photography

A rendezvous with history and love at Swabhumi Raajkutir, a colonial-era masterpiece nestled in the heart of Kolkata, echoing the grandeur of Bengal Renaissance. The photographs captured at the Swabhumi Raajkutir Reception Photography are nothing short of a visual symphony, each frame a testament to Oindrila and Arjun’s journey into eternity.As the golden sun gracefully …

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