Rukmini and Pritwiraj

Rukmini and Pritwiraj’s Western-themed pre wedding couple photo shoot at the Bawali Rajbari, Kolkata is a testament to their love and connection. The Bawali Rajbari provided a beautiful and historic setting for the photo shoot, with its stunning architecture of the zamindar era.

Rukmini looked stunning in a chic Western outfit, with her minimal makeup accentuating her natural beauty. Pritwiraj complemented her perfectly in his sharp suit and tie.

The couple was clearly in love, with their natural chemistry and affection for each other shining through in every shot. They laughed, smiled, and cuddled as they posed for the camera, capturing the essence of their relationship in each and every photo.

This pre wedding photo shoot was a stylish and intimate experience, capturing the love and joy that they share. The photographs will serve as a lasting reminder of their love and the special moments they shared together.

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