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Moments of candour, moments of joy; Moments of love, moments of tears… They trickle, they slide, they burst & they boom! Candid moments strewn across on the elaborate wedding canvas waiting to be picked and polished, strung and beaded into an exquisite garland of human emotions. We scoop those precious pearly expressions and grab those subtle tender thoughts; wave our fine art magic wand and gift you the treasure of a wedding album. Every candid moment captured, every misty eye caught before it dries, every silent sigh heard in the din of wedding bells; Your wedding photographer is attuned to your heartbeats on your D-day.Capturing the essence of your special day requires a trusted team with a passion for storytelling. We, the Best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata, are dedicated to turning your moments into timeless memories. The refined simplicity of our imagery, and the soothing neutral colors are poised to elicit profound sentiments. Entrust your love story to our lens and let us unveil the magic that makes your day extraordinary.

Inspiring & Beautiful Weddings

Inspiring Wedding Photography that goes beyond just pretty pictures & social media likes.


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Ritabrata and his team has given us memories of a lifetime to cherish! His output is phenomenal. Besides, great work put out by his team, he is himself a very composed and collected guy and delivers what he promises – I had done extensive research for photographers in East and generally across the country and I can tell if not india, he is easily Kolkata’s top pick. Go team!!

The Oberoy Grand, Kolkata

The more I say ,the less it is expressed. Its a lifetime experience to work with Ritabrata Da & his team on our Pre Wedding, Wedding & Reception. It is said that matches are made in Heaven & Marriages on Earth but I felt that I was having my wedding in Paradise since the Wedding moments were captured so well. I wish you guys all the best and rock the world with your Photography Skills….

Jetia House, Uttarpara

Don't settle for just photographs - We produce the finest cinematic wedding videos in Kolkata, which will make you fall in love every time you watch them"

Don't settle for just photographs - We produce the finest cinematic wedding videos in Kolkata, which will make you fall in love every time you watch them"

Fine Art Weddings

We draw on a decade of experience in the wedding photography industry to craft images that speak to the soul. We creates cinematic wedding videos with a timeless quality that transcends fleeting trends. Our pre-wedding shoots are a perfect blend of beautiful and intimate moments that reflect the couple's love story. Our use of natural lighting and simple yet elegant poses results in photographs that that will be treasured forever. Over the course of 10+ years, we have perfected our craft of Fine Art Wedding photography.

Couple Shoot

Pre Wedding Shoot Kolkata

Capturing serene romance through the lens of simplicity is at the heart of our every Pre Wedding Shoot. It is about finding beauty in the subtlest of moments, the way a couple interacts with each other, and the unspoken bond they share. My style of pre wedding photography is all about capturing these intimate moments with an understated elegance.

Elevate your special day with the artistry of a Kolkata Wedding Photographer, capturing moments that resonate with your soul.

Luxury Wedding Photography

Our lens has witnessed grandure in many Luxury Kolkata weddings. We have covered Bengali nuptials in Kolkata and other parts of India where customs blend harmoniously with modern extravagance. Ornate venues adorned with resplendent floral arrangements, couples dressed in regal ensembles that harmonise tradition and contemporary design. The adornment of exquisite jewellery, including the iconic Topor(crown), and the bride's resplendent red Benarasi saree add layers of elegance to the occasion. The music of Sanai further elevate the ambiance, infusing the air with an enchanting cultural experience. From small Intimate Weddings to grand Destination weddings, our lens has witnessed the spectrum of wedding experiences.

Bespoke Wedding Stories

Masterful Wedding Photography

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At Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography, we offer personalized discounts on our Masterful wedding photography services, tailored to your specific needs.

Depending on availability and rush, we offer upto 20% discount on our wedding photography packages. Specially in summer and monsoon weddings. Don't hesitate to inquire about our exclusive discounts that could turn your dream wedding photography into a reality while keeping your budget in mind.

Your love story is priceless, and we're committed to capture its essence while providing you with the best value. Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can avail of these unique discounts and make your wedding memories truly unforgettable.