Fine Art Wedding Photographer In Kolkata India


Fine art photography and indian weddings

What is fine art photography?

Let’s start by asking a simple question. Have you ever come across any photograph which gave you the impression that “this photographer thinks differently” while being of good aesthetic value? Then you may call it fine art photography!

There is no universally accepted definition for fine art photography. It’s more of a genre where the photographer strives to capture his own personal way of seeing things. Of course the vision should be of aesthetic value.

Wikipedia says “Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer.”

Fine Art Wedding Photographer In Kolkata India
Fine art bridal portrait


Fine art photography and Indian wedding

Indian wedding is a confluence of art, emotion, beauty which comes into play with the sacred bonding of two souls. The effort of the fashion designers, hard work of the makeup artists, the architecture of the hotels and palaces are there to add beauty. So, there is a huge scope of fine art photography in Indian wedding, along with other genres. The mood of the bride on a particular moment or the prolific number of rituals can be portrayed as evocative photographs. The photographer should possess the artistic vision to capture all this. Not only that, timing, angle, exposure, color tone should go hand in hand to produce a nice frame.

Fine art couple portrait
Fine art couple portrait


How is it different from other genres of photography?

Fine art wedding photography is about beauty and aesthetics, where the creative vision of the photographer is important. It’s about how to compose the scene from and artistic perspective, rather than merely capturing what is happening in the scene.

[blockquote blockquote_style=”elegant” align=”none” text_align=”center” cite=”- Wikipedia -“]

Fine art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer.


Other genres like wedding photojournalism focuses on documenting every detail of the wedding without actively altering the natural course of action. Candid wedding photographers mostly capture real candid moments. Fine art photography can be combined with any of the above two genres to produce a wedding photo story which will last forever.

Creative fine art wedding photography
Creative fine art wedding photography


For example, contemplate a scene where the bride is getting ready. We have seen tons of portraits of that. Now, a fine art photographer may compose a photograph where he wants to emphasize on one particular ornament or on a part of the dress, in that case, he might discard the face of the bride for the sake of the composition.

Simply put, the photographer has the full liberty to compose the shot, the way he wants but only to add a supreme aesthetic value to the composition.

Fine Art Photography and Indian Weddings
Fine Art Photography and Indian Weddings

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