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Difference Between Destination And Fine Art Photography

What is the difference between destination and fine art wedding photography?

Fine Art Wedding Photography. Image by Ritabrata Mukherjee

You might begin asking about what a destination wedding photography in reality is. How do you define it?

Destination wedding photography is that in which a soon to be married couple chooses a destination for their wedding far away from the normal environment. This type of photography is best done by an expert lens man. The wedding snaps are clicked on the day of the wedding in Europe in a backdrop which is exotic and exceptional. But in Asia, things are different because the destination wedding photographs are shot on a different day. These photographs in Asia are actually shot weeks or months in advance before the actual day of the wedding. The wedding photographs in Asia are shot at the most exotic locations in the countries like Taiwan, China, Singapore and Hong Kong and also India.

destination wedding photography India at Goa by Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography
Destination Wedding Photography. Image by Ritabrata Mukherjee

It must be stressed that if you happen to shoot a few of wedding photographs it does not make you destination wedding photographer. You need more skills to become a destination wedding photographer than you would as a photographer in your locality. India has emerged as a favorite in the category of destination photography.

Moreover shooting for destination photography by destination wedding photographers in India is not at all as glamorous as it sounds because it involves a lot of technical dexterity expertise and hard work. But there are really other benefits of destination wedding which is that it will give the lens man a welcome break from the daily routine of scheduled photography in the regular localized wedding environment.

fine art wedding pics
Fine Art Wedding Pics. Image by Ritabrata Mukherjee

The other benefit is that the advantage that you will have out of shooting destination wedding photography will reflect in your portfolio making it unparalleled as never before. It will add value to your brand. There is a lot of planning that goes into destination wedding photography.

There is no dearth of fine art wedding photographers in India and is a unique concept in itself. It is basically a version of wedding photographs through the creative vision of the fine art wedding photographers. It is better known as digital photography and it gives a new twist to photography. Fine art photography at the end of the day makes a person think and helps him to imagine. The artist helps to convey a message through his photography to his viewers. Weddings are made a living memory through the lens of these fine art wedding photographers.