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Top wedding photographers in Kolkata, India

top wedding photographers in Kolkata
Featured among top wedding photographers in Kolkata

When I started wedding photography way back in 2010, little appreciations from my friends meant a lot to me. Then it was the only way to measure how good I was doing. When I started working professionally, it was the appreciations by clients which  continuously kept me motivating for delivering better work. My friends, my clients, even complete strangers who have hit the like buttons on my work at various social medias has contributed largely in making me a better photographer every single day.

Now I am very proud, that not only amateurs, but professionals have recognized my work too. My name has been listed as one of the top wedding photographers in Kolkata and India by several professionals. My work has been accepted by various national and international agencies like Wedding Photojournalist Association and Fearless Photographers. Few of them are listed below.

These accolades mean a lot to an artist like me. The paycheck helps you surviving and the appreciations keep you inspiring to become a better artist 🙂


  1. Candid Photography in Kolkata
    September 15, 2015 - Reply

    Candid Photography in Kolkata has improved a lot in recent past through few class leading photographers and Ritabrata Mukherjee is one of them. He truly created meaningful ‘Candid’ imagery which could be said to be real photo-journalistic while keeping all the colors shine brighter on someones greatest day in life.
    National and International recognition sometime support in getting business but true recognition if achieved only from the person himself who trusted him.
    Wishing lot more awards and recognition in the coming days.
    All the best

  2. Love Sharma
    December 7, 2016 - Reply

    Wow, i wish to have such a shoot on my wedding.

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